Shop Updates!

Hey Everyone!

Renovations are mostly done in Ryerson University's Engineering Design Zone and our team has moved across the hall. Come by our shop and say hello! We've begun cutting foam for the plugs for our new body design. It's going be a huge change from last year's design. We are going smaller and sleeker. There are exciting things to come!

The work has begun!

As the summer draws to a close our team has already begun work on this year's vehicle. The body has been our main focus as the team has decided to build a monocoque body to improve aerodynamics and facilitate maintenance. So far we're in the preliminary stages, but we're progressing nicely. We welcome anyone to come by the shop any time after September 8th to check out last year's vehicle and see the progress on our current one.

We will be at Ryerson's Engineering Expo so come find us and say "Hi!"

Summertime (Post-Competition) Update

The 2015 Supermileage Competition was a large success for Ryerson Supermileage. Our team put a vehicle through safety testing and onto the track. We believe that Ryerson University had not done this for five years! Our vehicle achieved a calculated fuel economy of 192 miles per gallon on our second run.

We'd like to extend warm congratulations to Universite Laval for winning the competition for the second year in a row. Way to represent Canada!

Our team is currently planning our 2016 vehicle and we are looking for new members! Engineers, accountants, historians, anthropologists, we don't discriminate. If fuel economy, manufacturing, environmentalism, and the automotive industry interest you then contact us and come check out what we do! 

Welcome To Our New Website!

It's finally happened. After many months of turmoil and strife the Ryerson Supermileage team has finally designed and erected their own functioning website! Consequentially the team is ecstatic and our spirits have never been higher.  This blog will be used to update our visitors on the progress of our vehicle. We will give you an inside look at the design and fabrication process leading up to our competition in June. Be sure to check back weekly for an entertaining summary of our developments and speed bumps.